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Doing It Again

I’ve done a lot of schooling in my time – I went through the regular primary and secondary, took a year off during which time I did a visual design course, then went back to hotel management school, completed that and converted it to a Bachelor of Business. I worked for a few years, then did post graduate certificate and diploma in International politics, completed a short story writing course and a genre writing course. I’m in the middle of a couple of MOOC’s (Model Thinking and The Camera Never Lies) with three more lined up over the next few months. I’m a huge reader of everything (and anything) plus I listen to my body weight in podcasts each week (TED Radio Hour, This American Life, Joy the Baker, Planet Money). I don’t keep up with current events because knowing what has hapened rarely explains why it’s happened which is where my interest lies.

So why do I tell you this? Well, I was thinking…. what if I could do my education over again? What would I do?

Let’s start with the basics – hotel management school was a waste of three years and thousands of dollars. I’d replace that with an engineering degree, or anything that actually used my brain as well as created value. Engineers still travel, they still have lots of fun and what’s more, they end up building things that make people’s lives better. Win win, I say.

I’d still do visual design, but I’d probably do a couple of years worth and add in photography and make that ongoing. I’d still do the writing courses, only I’d possibly specialise in food writing, or perhaps biography writing. Maybe I’d combine the two and make my own genre – biography through the culture of personal food choices. Gwyneth Paltrow would be an ideal subject!

I’d still do post graduate study, and I enjoyed politics, but I might switch it out for law or something else with general appeal. Go broader with my maturity.

I don’t regret what I’ve done, nor what I will distill, but I do wish I had more knowledge!

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Lip Factory June 2013 Box

I haven’t posted about my monthly sample boxes in a while, mostly because there are so many great reviews out there on what’s in them, that I felt mine would always be too little, too late. I stopped Lust Have It a couple of months back too as I felt that the products, although touted in a much publicized revamp, felt a little “end-of-line” for me. They never seemed to suit my skin type or my tones and the customer service is, at best, woeful.

So I’m down to two – BellaBox (love it) and Lip Factory.

The Lip Factory box is continually impressive. It’s purely makeup, so I don’t have too many problems with matching to my skin type or end up with 10 different hair masks or body scrubs at the end of a couple of months. This month was amazing…


  1. Manic Panic Creature of the Night mascara. It looks a little dry at first, but brushes on to create quite the dramatic eye.
  2. Manic Panic High Voltage lipgloss in mid pink colour. This lip gloss has a built in LED light in the lid so that if you are applying in a dark place, you can see what you are doing. Genius or marketing ploy? Either way, the gloss is gorgeous and not tacky at all.
  3. Essence Volumising Lash Powder. I haven’t used this yet and am unsure quite how to go about using it, but looking forward to seeing if it does volumise or just colour my lashes so I know where I’ve missed putting on mascara! (although come to think of it, more of any kind of mascara would also be volumising)
  4. Lakur nail polish in a nude stain. I’ve been wearing this on my nails for a week or more now and it’s given my nails a really healthy colour and shine. very impressed.
  5. Mineral Eyez shimmer powder in “Caribbean Sea”. I’m not a huge eyeshadow wearer, but am trying to force myself in to it. I might use this on top of the almost-exact-same-colour Maybelline Eye Tattoo cream eyeshadow I have yet to use from one of my Priceline haul days.
  6. 29 Cosmetics Lipstick in Berry Stain. Such a gorgeous deep wine colour with no bleeds! It’s quite dark and dramatic, so I used it with the gloss to lighten it up a bit and felt more comfortable.
  7. Befine Exfoliating cleanser sample sachet – to add to my sample sachets… I now have a huge jar of them in my bathroom. I’m sure one day I’ll use some if not all of them. Maybe.

So as mentioned, I’m highly impressed once again with the range and quality of these products and I like that they are brands I don’t seem to find in Australia. The boxes are well packaged and the range thoughtfully put together. I also like the brightness of the colours mixed with nudes – it feels just the right amount of crazy and sane.