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Cookie Hair

I always have trouble with my 3yo daughter when it comes to her hair. She doesn’t like me wetting it, washing it, brushing it or putting the myriad of gorgeous hair accessories I have bought for her in it. But Saturday night, it was time for the hair washing. To begin, she promised me that her dad washed it yesterday (he’s away), her grandma washed it that morning (she’s away), she washed it during swimming lesson (hasn’t been in a week) and that we washed it which in the bath that morning (no bath).

I could see her trying a new thought “but it’s clean mum, look…” thrusting her hair in my direction, “I don’t need a wash”.

At this point, it can go two ways. She’s either about to burst in to an uncontrolled tantrum (likely) or try and wiggle her way out of my reach to the point where she puts herself in an uncontrollable tantrum. Either way ends with me feeling horrible for forcing shampoo on my daughters head and clearly scarring her for life.  But… not this time.

“Mum, I want the grown up shampoo.” This is new.

“Which one sweetheart?” and I show her three which have been bought for her in the past in the hopes that she will be overwhelmed by calming scent and not dive in to tantrum land.

“No mum, the cookie one.”….. cookie one?

Unbelievably, I pull out my L’Oreal EverCreme (that smells like caramel sauce) and show it to her. “This one?”

“Yep”. And she puts the face washer over her eyes and patiently sits and waits. Could it be this easy? There has to be a trap. What’s going on? Is there a camera? Has her father put her up to this? Am I awake?

Carefully so as not to ruin the moment, I rub the shampoo in to her hair, grabbing all the bits that I often don’t get to in the fight that is hair washing night.

“Mmmmmm……. cookies”. Is this happening?

I lower her hair in to the bath and rinse it out.

“Mum, will my hair smell like cookies now? Like yours does?”

“Absolutely sweetheart and the moment it doesn’t, we’ll put the cookie shampoo back on it, okay?”

“Okay mum”.

So unexpected, and her hair looks (and smells) fantastic!

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September Hauls

I’ve had a great month with regard to hauls – firstly because I changed jobs, but also because I’ve gotten a few products for review which is always a thrill when going to the mailbox.

Early September

In my final week at my “old” job, I took a lunchtime to spoil myself and decided to do that at Daiso. In case you aren’t aware, Daiso is a huge store which stocks Japanese made products (beauty, food, home wares, toys, stationery) and every single item in the store costs $2.80. It’s the most amazing place to stock up for a party, grab something small for the house or really get bang for your buck on gifts. This time I was a bit pressed for time so didn’t do every aisle, but I managed to pop in my basket…

Border Tape x 2 – rolls of patterned, coloured paper that can be used to create a scene or put a border on cards. My daughter uses it for craft.

New glasses – I don’t wear glasses with prescription, but I do have a growing collection of plain glass glasses to give me some cred. It’s a little bit odd, but I do love wearing them for meetings. It gives my hands something to do and frames my vision which makes me focus on what is before me.

Engrish Notes x 2 – Daiso have a huge collection of little note cards with hysterical translations of what I am sure are heartfelt messages. I use them as gift cards and my daughter loves giving notes to her friends on them too – much cheaper than a $1 gift tag or a $6-7 regular card each time.

Mini breakfast tray – My daughter has taken to having food “brought” to her either while playing at her table, on the couch or even in bed if we are having an especially decadent morning. The tray we currently have is adult sized and unweildy, so this smaller (pink) version gives her one all her own!

Floral Wrapping Paper – You can’t go past these gorgeous designs and even though you don’t get a lot of paper, I use this for crafts and smaller gifts. Such gorgeous colours.

Not from Daiso!

“The In Between” by Jeff Goins – a follow up to his successful “Wrecked”. I got on to Jeff Goins after hearing him speak in the TeD Radio Hour podcast and realising that the library didn’t stock his catalogue. This one is from (the best online book retailer hands down)

Fancy Sunglasses – My husband was in the market for new glasses and we found a great site that had the frames he was quoted $540 in the Optometrist (not including lenses), for $220 which included the lenses and they give a free pair of glasses to an impoverished person. Score! So of course I had to get myself some sunglasses to celebrate! These are Tory Birch and come with a cleaning kit and a gorgeous cover which just so happens to match my purse perfectly!

On my final day at my “old” job I was also treated twice to lunches – once at the new fancy China Bar and the other to dim sum. Yes – asian food is my kryptonite, I can’t help it. So aside from that, the lovely girls there spoiled me with parting gifts from Kikki K and Aesop.

Kikki K Red Leather Notepad compendium with matching pen, bulldog clips and notepad cube – which has become completely invaluable in jotting down my notes for my new job.

(not shown) Kikki K 2014 Desk Calendar – so that I can keep up to date with the important things, like lunches to catch up with what’s going on.

Aesop JetSet pack – Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Balm. This was the only set I took on holiday with me and I smelled and felt amazing – Aesop really know hoe to do products well.

And when I got home on my final day, I had waiting for me my L’Oreal pack which included a bunch of samples and some full sized product to review, as well as the book “Longbourn” which I won by writing a short story about Pride & Prejudice for Random House.

So my first week of September which was also my last week at my old job was pretty good haul-wise, wouldn’t you say?

Mid September

After Queensland, I came home to a couple of lovely packages (I won’t bore you with what I bought in Queensland – suffice to say I overloaded on summer clothes and a new azure coloured handbag for work) from Beauty Heaven and my Lip Factory September Box!

Neutrogena Beach Defence Sunscreen- a product to review for Beauty Heaven once there is sun (could have used it in Queensland!).

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi – another review product from Beauty Heaven which my husband actually opened and he and my daughter played with before I got a look in to it! It’s essentially a rotating sandpaper for dead skin on the feet which I think of as the beauty worlds answer to a Dremel (man tool for sanding small areas among other things). Double thumbs up for this one, my feet are thanking me!

Lip factory Box – a pretty good month for Lip factory with the theme “Define Your Beauty”. Received two LA Fresh waterproof makeup remover wipes, a pencil sharpener which fits the big and small pencils, a bombshell lustre lip gloss in a copper colour (goes on sticky but covers beautifully), a Bombshell liquid eyeliner in Amethyst which I tried on my hand and it stayed there without budging for two days!, a Model Co neutral lip gloss which is extra glossy and has a mirror built in for application, a Big Eye pencil in dark brown which is creamy and so easy to work with and finally, 50 sheets of Green Tea blotting paper from Absolute. Totally worth the investment every month.

So that should keep me busy for a while!

And a reminder, if you haven’t entered my competition for a $50 Priceline voucher yet, there is still a week to go! See here for details.

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Late August Swag

I have this thing. I love getting parcels in the mail.

My name is Sarah and I’m an online shop-a-holic. I also enter a lot of competitions and get lots of samples. And I send a lot of them to my office so my husband doesn’t see.

So I’ve decided to start photographing things that I buy / get on a regular basis. Some days I’m overcome with abundance and the joy of packages and I look forward to sharing them with you all. So… for the last day of August, this is what came to me.

Late August Swag 2

A bit of history – I do a lot of reviews and spend a lot of my time on Beauty Heaven – it’s an amazing community of beauty-minded ladies and the information, reviews and advice are second to none. It helps that they are Australian so that the products they talk about are available to me and  think all of us are Priceline-obsessed. As an active member, I do a bunch of reviews on products I try when  have an opinion to give. A few weeks ago,  won a Bomb Cosmetics “Hanami” gift pack which was amazing, but unfortunately seemed to have no smell when I tried using it, and I said so in my review, giving the products only two stars overall.

A couple of days later, I got an e-mail from Beautyheaven that the company who sell Bomb in Australia (Get Drenched) wanted to send me more product so that they could try to change my mind. Mission, accomplished! Paul from Get Drenched and I went back and forth with emails to determine best scents and whatnot, then he quickly sent me a four piece kit including a Queen of Lemon Tarts candle, a Tangerine Queen Bath Creamer, and Urban Rose Bath Mallow and a Skin Therapy Hanging Shower Butter. Divine, and packaged so beautifully, he’s certainly changed my mind on Bomb!

On the same day, I also took home

Late August Swag 1

Food for Health Kids Snack Packs in Chocolate Banana and Strawberry Yogurt. I was quite excited by these, giving my daughter something that felt like lollies (called treaties in our house) but it fell flat, she didn’t like them and after I tried them, I had to agree. They taste like health food disguised, like avocado ice cream or carob. I got these from a Facebook competition the were running.

Madame Flavour Green Jasmine & Pear Tea Sample – this came in a Frankie magazine a friend gave me. I’ve had a couple of Madame Flavours before and as with the others, it wasn’t hugely flavourful. The green and Jasmine were lovely, but there really was no pear overtones which I was looking forward to.

Garnier BB Cream from Coles – the Coles blog was a recent find of mine and they were running a competition for the Garnier BB Cream. Lucky this turned up,  was about to run out! Garnier BB Cream (light) is my holy grail of daily products.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Cream – a sample sachet from pinchme. I don’t much like sample sachets, I try and steer clear of them where I can because they never give me enough product to form an opinion, and I love having an opinion! It’s a large sachet so if t can do a couple of applications, I’ll be happy.

What Maisie Knew Double Pass – a competition win from the Mindfood magazine which if you don’t read, I highly recommend you start. It’s a magazine that comes from New Zealand and it’s lifestyle and interesting, properly written content. I think this movie will be a complete tear jerker… I may need to take my husband and a box of tissues.

So all in all, a pretty good haul for a single day, I felt very special! I’m also looking forward to quite a few things I have on order which I’m hoping come in this week as I’m off to sunny Queensland for a week on Saturday. What about you? Are you waiting for something amazing in the post?

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Doing It Again

I’ve done a lot of schooling in my time – I went through the regular primary and secondary, took a year off during which time I did a visual design course, then went back to hotel management school, completed that and converted it to a Bachelor of Business. I worked for a few years, then did post graduate certificate and diploma in International politics, completed a short story writing course and a genre writing course. I’m in the middle of a couple of MOOC’s (Model Thinking and The Camera Never Lies) with three more lined up over the next few months. I’m a huge reader of everything (and anything) plus I listen to my body weight in podcasts each week (TED Radio Hour, This American Life, Joy the Baker, Planet Money). I don’t keep up with current events because knowing what has hapened rarely explains why it’s happened which is where my interest lies.

So why do I tell you this? Well, I was thinking…. what if I could do my education over again? What would I do?

Let’s start with the basics – hotel management school was a waste of three years and thousands of dollars. I’d replace that with an engineering degree, or anything that actually used my brain as well as created value. Engineers still travel, they still have lots of fun and what’s more, they end up building things that make people’s lives better. Win win, I say.

I’d still do visual design, but I’d probably do a couple of years worth and add in photography and make that ongoing. I’d still do the writing courses, only I’d possibly specialise in food writing, or perhaps biography writing. Maybe I’d combine the two and make my own genre – biography through the culture of personal food choices. Gwyneth Paltrow would be an ideal subject!

I’d still do post graduate study, and I enjoyed politics, but I might switch it out for law or something else with general appeal. Go broader with my maturity.

I don’t regret what I’ve done, nor what I will distill, but I do wish I had more knowledge!

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The Anti-Advice

Is it just me, or did becoming a mother come with about 500 pieces of conflicting advice on every topic imaginable – sleeping, feeding, education, childcare, working, not working, brain development, foods, allergies, formula, breastfeeding, toilets, nappies, bedding, clothing, toys, drinking, eating, holding, settling, rolling, crawling… and I seemed to be saddled with all this from multiple channels about 10 minutes after announcing I was pregnant! It’s no wonder that us mothers feel overwhelmed from the start and afraid of so many things.

So to all the future or currently wondering mothers out there – here is the anti-advice I wish I had received when contemplating motherhood with all it’s quirks.

1. Calm Down – It’s not likely to be anything life threatening. Your baby will be quiet and active at different times of the day than a regular person until their own rhythms come together, this doesn’t mean that they have a problem. They may pick up a cold, a cough, a slight temperature or a strange habit as they explore their surroundings, but none of this is usually cause for a visit to the doctors office where they are likely to pick up more germs. Your baby needs you to be the calm person in the room and ignore the overactive imagination of your mother in law / well meaning friend / fellow mother.

2. Ignore The Hormones – You will be amazed what the first few weeks of motherhood hormones make you do. All of a sudden, you are completely overcome with love and protective instincts and you will try to do it all and be all to this little creature. You need to let other people in (especially your partner) so that they understand from the moment you get home that this whole journey is a partnership. Start as you mean to go on and don’t try to do it all – let your partner / mother / friend do the night feed, the nappy change, the calming down. It’s important that your baby be comfortable in more than one environment.

3. Your Baby Is You – There is a lot of generic advice out there on what babies should be doing at what point and when to introduce something to them and what is appropriate and “normal”. Your baby is not “normal” – s/he is incredibly special because s/he is you and is wired just like you are. Try and tap in to that and find the right solution, not fit them in to what the book / site / person says should be occurring.

4. Failure Comes From Expectations – Don’t put firm expectations on what your baby will and won’t do because they aren’t able to work with you. They can take their cues from you, but they are not able to know that they are meant to be asleep at 715pm at the latest, so expecting them to do this will make you feel like a failure. Keep expectations to a minimum and work on getting slow and steady wins rather than a baby who performs.

5. Your Mother Did What Was Best – And just like everything else in life, what is best in one generation doesn’t necessarily fit what’s best now. Your mother / mother-in-law / friendly aunt will have wonderful advice on how they did things, but you are now in charge so don’t let them take over and re-create your childhood. Let your life lessons influence your child from the moment they are born.

But the greatest anti-advice of all?

Stop listening so much and have fun with the mothering thing. Babies are not only resilient and strong, but hysterical and endlessly fascinating. Don’t lose the wonder to panic and if you feel yourself doing this, talk to someone – share the burden of worry and let other people help you. A fully rounded child needs interaction and guidance from a lot of people in order for them to be independent and thoughtful adults.


It’s Me. Deal.

Sarah Redmond Avatar

I hereby give notice of my intention to provide myself with work that I feel has meaning.

This does not mean that I will necessarily change my job, but I need to craft my position so that I can do more of things which provide value to people and less of things which hamper a person’s ability to provide meaning to their own jobs.

In essence, I will not

  • participate in bureaucratic pencil pushing nonsense because someone higher up than me thinks it’s a good idea
  • make things more confusing for someone rather than go the extra step to give them enough information to make it simple.
  • take on more work than I can be expected to keep track of
  • agree to timelines which are unrealistic
  • apologise for non-delivery on areas out of my control
  • complain about the 10% of my job which will always be nonsense because that’s what any office workers job is.

but I absolutely will

  • put my hand up for work in my area of interest
  • refuse work which may move me upward in the chain if it doesn’t fit with what I see as an area which also grows me personally
  • calmly and confidently keep my boundaries and insist that others respect them
  • direct anger at the person who made the decision, not the person who is delivering the decision contents.
  • insist on being trained for work before I’m expected to do it.
  • insist on being developed for my next role, even if a vacancy isn’t available.

I’m happy to move on if things don’t fit. I’m not afraid of taking on challenges and I’m completely unafraid of speaking truth to “power”. I can choose what my life contains and do not suffer fools lightly, but will give everyone a fair chance to gain my respect. I adore intelligence and will unashamedly ignore the stupid suggestion – there are such things as stupid questions, comments and decisions. In the same breath, I extol the virtues of frivolity and am perfectly happy sitting in this often hypocritical seat.

And this is my pledge – I am getting too old to play the game, so I’m changing the rules.

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Finding The Balance

This post first appeared on the Mouths of Mums website

For anyone who isn’t reading about Marissa Mayer, she recently became the new CEO of Yahoo and had a baby, all in the same few months. Her decision to come back to work and not allow “working from home” by Yahoo employees has caused a lot of debate over the right balance and women’s choices in returning to work.

I’ve had a lot of struggles coming late to the parenting game. By the time I became a mother, I was well on the way to a promising technology career, just said “I Do” to my best friend and we had both talked about, but not decided on, children in our future. I was planning a wedding, we had bought and started renovating our first home and life was finally feeling a bit closer to complete.

And then came Grace. As any mother is likely to tell you, the addition of a tiny baby filled me with more capacity for love and strange emotions than I thought possible while simultaneously draining me of every ounce of energy I had and giving me reserves of strength I feared I would never possess. Becoming a mother immediately made me want to apologise to my mother for everything I had ever done and cry about the innumerable possibilities that would face our baby girl in her life.

A few months later, being at home with Grace started to feel a bit restrictive. I loved our time together, but the inability to get things “done” and cross them off my daily list started frustrating me, so I thought I should go back to work and thankfully, I could do this from home. I started out one day a week, then two, then I wanted to get out of the house, so I looked at childcare options. We live in a country area, so getting one day, then two days childcare each week was no problem and while I wrestled feelings of motherly guilt every day I dropped her off, I knew she was safe, well fed, well loved and stimulated because of the particular childcare centre we had chosen.

There were judgements made of me when I went back to work, both within and external to the family, but I started to feel like I was more… me. The things that frustrated me at home (a feeling of never ticking things off a list and of not “contributing” in a fiscal sense) started to quiet. But I couldn’t get the balance right. Working part time is a strange thing – you always get saddled with a full time load and you never quite feel like you are seen as a full partner to the business, but since I was still the primary parent, I never quite felt like I was doing that job well either.

When I returned to work full time, we put Grace in childcare four days per week and her grandparents looked after her on the fifth day. My days are long, especially when I do the childcare drop off and pick up and my husband is away, but I feel like I have myself back again. I can contribute to my chosen field, I have ensured that Grace has the best and most stimulating care I can give her and she has the ability to socialise with children her own age and developmental time frame. She has room leaders not only dedicated to her care, but trained in providing a framework within which she learns and grows. She has generational contact with the grandparents and our weekends are magical because they are so special.

But most of all, I feel now that I am providing her with a strong, confident and solid female role model. I don’t put myself last in our family, I have time to myself when I need it and we are all getting the daily stimulation we need. I won’t lie and say it’s easy, it’s a constant logistical battle, but one that I’m slowly realising works for us.

What we have done is not for everyone, and I think that the general argument about a woman’s return to the workforce needs to appreciate a number of different viewpoints, mostly valuing any choice a woman makes that allows her to be a person that makes her confident and feel worthy.

I understand, but don’t agree with not allowing telecommuting – for my mind, it offers women options, while allowing them to bridge the responsibilities of home with those of the office. Taking away options and choice means limiting a woman’s potential once they have children.


For the working and non-working mothers out there, how have you found your balance? Have you found that family or societal judgment has framed your actions?

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Little Things?

The little things don’t feel little anymore. I’ve managed to catch a “little” cold, something that 15 years ago I could have willed away through stubbornness. It’s been three days now and it feels like it is settling in for a long vacation in my muscles. It got me to thinking what else is showing my age.

Getting up from the floor – having toddler around means there is a constant up and down of playing on the floor to climbing on the kitchen bench or up to the top bunk, then down again, possibly within the same five minutes. I’ve noticed that I try and talk her in to staying at the same altitude just so that I don’t have to figure out how to get up again. I can’t get up without the aid of something (even if it’s just the floor) whereas I used to be able to get up without using my hands at all, just push up through my feet (I totally remember doing this because it was a big thing in my group of friends and yes, I realise this meant we needed to find something else to occupy our time)

On a related note – I’ve got to lose weight.

Going Out at Night Doesn’t Even Sound Good in Theory Any More – It used to be that making plans and organising nights to catch up or party were awesome, even if the biggest of crazy nights never quite lived up to the hype, we still did it all. Now the thought of the planning stage terrifies and defeats me. How did I used to do it? My nights began at 11pm whereas now, that counts as a crazy late night if I’m not  falling asleep on the couch and drooling on my arm. Just knowing that I have dinner plans makes me automatically think of excuses of why I have to leave early – I hope this phase ends soon

On a related note – kids are the best excuse ever.

I don’t own clothes I can’t wear to work except “lounge” attire – I have a pretty decent work wardrobe – I’ve curated a few cute dresses that can be worn in hot or cold weather with a few changes in cardigans, jackets, stockings and shoes and I’m rocking the block colour. But when I go shopping for anything that isn’t work clothing, I end up buying yoga pants and soft cotton t-shirts. I bought a pair of jeans after my husband forced me because I didn’t want to go jeans shopping but which are now considered “dressy” non-work attire. An time I now go out at night with friends, I wear work clothes because I don’t have a choice. I keep forgetting that I have a life outside work, sleep and being a mother. Lucky my friends are forgiving!

On a related note – must buy more support undergarments

I’m totally buying in to the anti-aging propaganda – Now, I’m not one who honestly thinks that a few slaps of expensive cream will make me look ten again, but there are certain products that  am convinced make me look better – Alpha-H for one, anything L’Occitane for two and mascara – oh mascara, you are always there for me to make me look wake and together with myself. I’m subscribed to a bunch of boxes to see if there are products worth investing in, but so far I just seem to think 90% of them are all the same – a moisturiser is a moisturiser is a moisturiser, it just depends on it’s emulsification level as to how it feels immediately and in the short term.

So things that got no thought at all for my first 35 years of life are all of a sudden becoming issues. I hope there’s no further decline, but of course, I do know how unlikely that is.

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Aromatherapy vs Allergies?

It’s something I’ve been wondering for quite some time. Aromatherapy is meant to work through the olfactory passages (I’m showing off my words – I mean nose) and so many products have such amazing smells meant to enhance the experience but…. if you can’t smell, does it still work?

I get quite bad allergies from time to time and often while I’m dosing up on drugs, the first thing to disappear is my sense of smell. I’m quite used to it, but it seems that when I do lose my sense of smell, the only thing I really want to do is to light my ridiculously expensive but amazingly gorgeous aroma candle and start rubbing on pampering creams. But then I think why bother? I’m just wasting half the goodness.

Or am I? Does the act of pampering myself, my instinct for smelliness in the best sense tap in to some deep rooted need that my body says “You maybe can’t smell it, but it’s helping you anyway”? Does it work on a cellular level even if it doesn’t tap the scent-ecstasy button in my brain? Is that, in fact, the perfect time to be smelling lovely so that I’m not quite so gross to other people as they watch me stuff tissues in my sleeves, pockets and bag?

There are of course those who say aromatherapy doesn’t work anyways and so who cares if I burn my money when I can smell it or not and to you I say – you may be quite right in the scientifically proven sense of things, but I also say to you that there are things that once were thought weird in this world and they ended up being proven correct. I get the argument goes there are plenty more that remained useless, but hey, we could talk all day on this and you won’t convince me either way. I remain neutral and a lover of lovely smells.

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Beauty in Hope and Thankfulness


I’ve spent the last week in hope.

My beautiful brindle puppy, Abigail, had an embolism in her spine on Easter Monday and has been paralysed from her waist down. Imagine a stroke, it’s kind of like that but in her spine which has blocked all movement to her hind legs and tail.

This is not a dog who likes to sit still. This is not a dog who spends her days in comfortable recovery pose – this is a dog who runs everywhere and all day. This is a dog who has her protective mode on 24 hours per day and drives us crazy with barking and energy. This is a dog who greets you when you so much as stand with a wagged tail and a cheeky grin. This is a dog who completely dominates her much larger kelpie brother (Toby) and he loves her more for it.

In other words, she is the worst patient. ever.

My husband luckily worked from home all of last week and helped her out, she needed to be carried everywhere and had to be encouraged to go to the toilet not inside, but couldn’t move to make anything known. After the first day, she had had enough and started trying to pull herself around with her front two legs, her back legs dragging behind. This was not good, it put so much pressure on her spine, but she was being driven crazy inside.

The next day, my husband made a pen for her outside and put her there for a couple of hours and she perked up a bit. We also noticed that the embolism had stopped her being able to bark and noticed she wasn’t wagging her tail.

Thursday we got worried, she was meant to be getting better and having some movement. She wasn’t improving and we talked to the vet about talking about maybe discussing “welfare”. I spent the evening with her head on my lap just watching her sleep and the thought of it nearly ripped my heart from my chest.

But Friday.

Friday, I spent the day with her and watched her stubborn little brain take over. I held her back legs while she took laps of the driveway, then could almost see her determination push feeling to her legs, it was like she knew her time to repair was limited. If I put her on to her legs, she stumbled forward. Short bursts, but enough to give hope and exhaust her inexhaustible reserves of energy. In the late afternoon, she looked at me and I saw her tail give a little wag – a wag that signified she would get there.

The weekend was ups and downs, she woke Saturday exhausted from her Friday stumbles and looked like she was headed backward, but then Sunday she stood. All. By. Herself. She lifted her cute butt high to the sky, her tail pointed upward and she looked at me as if to say “Mama, I am BACK!”. Even if she bumped off the walls like a drunken sailor.

She’s managed to scrape a bunch of skin from her legs as she was dragging herself around, she’s managed to knock herself out twice trying to jump on to the couch and she still wants to dominate Toby a whole lot more than she still can, but each day brings new hope. Each day makes me thankful that my tiny little bundle of brindle muscle who drives me mental six days to of seven is returning, because she is the stubborn little bossy britches in the family.

See? She’s just like me.