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Etsy Artists

I love Etsy. For those of you who don’t know what Etsy is, it is an online handmade marketplace which showcases artists, craftspeople and designers in a beautifully simple and elegantly designed way. I’ve bought a few things from Etsy, but I also use it as inspiration for updating the house, my wardrobe, for presents and for just about everything. A few that have caught my eye of late:

The cocodeparis Physics Giraffe – I bought this print for my bedroom wall and just love his quizzical face and whimsical jumper.

The ObviousState Constellation – it’s gorgeous and while it doesn’t fit my house at the moment, I’m looking forward to when I have a house it does fit in.

Lachlobijoux’s Band Ring – such a simple idea and incredibly well priced. It comes from Italy which I think adds a little piece of styling to an outfit. It’s in my cart an oh oops – just bought it!

…and Fireworks at the State Fair by observationfullnfelt – it makes me feel happy that people capture these moments that define our growing up years.

How about you? Do you have any favorites I should follow?


Beauty Heaven


I’ve just managed to go up one rung on from beauty lover to beauty fanatic. It took some doing – 10 reviews of beauty products, 10 posts, a bunch of details, some friend referrals, some comments, some “likes”, some “loves”… but I did it in 10 days (don’t tell work!). Only now, I need another 350 points to get all the way to where I can swap points for products and get in on all the cool trials.

I think I may have gone a little sample / product crazy of late – I’ve subscribed to two monthly beauty boxes – and and I’m on for all of their samples, as well as sending off for anything that comes past me. It’s not just the idea of a freebie that is all it is (although I have to admit it is certainly alluring), but I do want to get a good idea of what I should be using now that my skin is getting a little more “mature”. I want to update skincare, make up, hair care, I want to know how to do a face that doesn’t half rub off by the afternoon, how to choose style (and hairdresser) that can deal with my crazy excuse for hair, nails that are strong and beautiful plus I want to figure out whether all of this is even fiscally viable.

And all of this while working full time  and being at the gym a couple of lunchtimes per week, looking after a three year old at home  and running around after a husband who is away a couple of nights a week and works crazy hours. Add to this a salary negotiation, a project that’s barely holding it together and a schedule that has me up at 530 each morning and you can see why having samples sent to me to try and fit in with my life is easier than trying to get to department stores to try things out. This way, I can fit a facial mask in with reading a story to my daughter, try a cleanser while making coffee or testing new makeup in my post gym touch up. Work for me!

To get back to the original point – Beauty Heaven helps me put it all together in my mind – what kind of products to be used when, how, how much, whether they are worth the money, and there’s such a great community of people who are willing to answer most of my inane questions. Plus in doing that, I get points for more samples- how good is that!!

How about you – are you as product crazy as me at the moment?

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