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Cookie Hair

I always have trouble with my 3yo daughter when it comes to her hair. She doesn’t like me wetting it, washing it, brushing it or putting the myriad of gorgeous hair accessories I have bought for her in it. But Saturday night, it was time for the hair washing. To begin, she promised me that her dad washed it yesterday (he’s away), her grandma washed it that morning (she’s away), she washed it during swimming lesson (hasn’t been in a week) and that we washed it which in the bath that morning (no bath).

I could see her trying a new thought “but it’s clean mum, look…” thrusting her hair in my direction, “I don’t need a wash”.

At this point, it can go two ways. She’s either about to burst in to an uncontrolled tantrum (likely) or try and wiggle her way out of my reach to the point where she puts herself in an uncontrollable tantrum. Either way ends with me feeling horrible for forcing shampoo on my daughters head and clearly scarring her for life.  But… not this time.

“Mum, I want the grown up shampoo.” This is new.

“Which one sweetheart?” and I show her three which have been bought for her in the past in the hopes that she will be overwhelmed by calming scent and not dive in to tantrum land.

“No mum, the cookie one.”….. cookie one?

Unbelievably, I pull out my L’Oreal EverCreme (that smells like caramel sauce) and show it to her. “This one?”

“Yep”. And she puts the face washer over her eyes and patiently sits and waits. Could it be this easy? There has to be a trap. What’s going on? Is there a camera? Has her father put her up to this? Am I awake?

Carefully so as not to ruin the moment, I rub the shampoo in to her hair, grabbing all the bits that I often don’t get to in the fight that is hair washing night.

“Mmmmmm……. cookies”. Is this happening?

I lower her hair in to the bath and rinse it out.

“Mum, will my hair smell like cookies now? Like yours does?”

“Absolutely sweetheart and the moment it doesn’t, we’ll put the cookie shampoo back on it, okay?”

“Okay mum”.

So unexpected, and her hair looks (and smells) fantastic!

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L’Oreal Trial – Wash One

I’ve been on holidays in the sunshine for a week which, if you have been living in Victoria over winter, you’ll know how sorely needed it was. I finished one job and had a week of unemployment before beginning another, so high-tailed myself and the family to the Queensland coast, staying at a gorgeous apartment in Burleigh Heads.

We spent the week in the apartment pool, wandering the gorgeous coastline, trialling the different playgrounds, shopping, eating, drinking and spending my down time together. My husband’s brother and his family also live close to the Gold Coast so we spent some time re-connecting and the two girls spent a lot of time in imaginative play and dress up concerts, which is always a joy to see.


On my return, I’ve finally begun my L’Oreal trial using the new “Hair Expertise” EverCrème Sulphate Free Moisture System (fancy way of saying new shampoo and conditioner) and will be using only the L’Oreal set for the next three weeks. I’m not going to use anything else on my hair – no styling products, just eau natural to give the new line a chance to work.

L’Oreal Claims and My Initial Thoughts.

Sulphate Free. (My inner grammar police spells with a “ph” but L’Oreal have gone with the American “Sulfate”, apparently both perfectly acceptable). What Are Sulphates? Sulphates are cleaning agents, the kind that you clean your sink with, so for the most part, they are effective on your hair, but not particularly kind to it, so the removal of sulphates is a good thing. It also is much better for people who have allergic reactions, psoriasis, or just a sensitive scalp area. Sulphates have been linked to excessive hair loss and slow hair growth, so with any luck, using the new system will leave me with a fuller head of hair which grows faster – win!

“Boosted” Omega 3 & 6. The inclusion of these essential fatty acids in the L’Oreal products promotes hair strength, elasticity, moisture retention and hair growth, which can only be good, but from what I can tell, these fatty acids are usually meant to be ingested rather than just rubbed on your head. The down side? They are fats, so overuse can possibly make the hair oily which has been a problem when I have a busy week and don’t get to wash my hair as often as I would like. I tend to run my hands through my hair a lot too as I’m growing my fringe and it doesn’t quite tuck behind my ear yet.

Infusing Moisture Without Weighing It Down. I can’t count the number of shampoos and conditioners I’ve been through which claim this, some with sulphates, some with silicone, some which claim to be cleansing shampoos. I guess that any shampoo and/or conditioner is going to coat your hair, so how that equates to not weighing my hair down has always been a mystery to me.

My First Wash.

I have to say, I’m impressed. The packaging is top notch, although the same shaped bottles for both shampoo and conditioner make me squint a bit in the shower to know what I’m using. I’ve solved this by removing the sticker on the conditioner bottle, but I think I have been given a pre-release package so this may not be available to those bought from shops. The shampoo is a gorgeous golden pearl colour and nice and thick. Initially, I thought the scent was cocoa butter, but after reading the ingredient list, it’s definitely caramel I smell. A sweet, luscious caramel. Makes me want a cookie.

The shampoo lathers well, the conditioner goes a long way when coating the hair, and they are easy to both work through the hair and rinse out (no residual product left). The sweet scent also stayed with my hair after a blow dry and straighten which was nice.

The claims of boosted hydration without weight so far hold water, my hair is light and two days after the wash, still not weighed down with excess oils and styling well. I’m planning on washing two or three times per week for a three week trial so if I still have no build up by the end of that time frame I will be highly impressed!

Want a Sample or a Prize?

I have a few sample packs left of the L’Oreal products, so if you do want to give it a try, send me your postal details (redsage@me.com) and I’ll get them out to you shortly. L’Oreal have also sponsored a little giveaway for Priceline lovers (is it just me or is Priceline a piece of heaven?) – see here for details and a chance to win a $50 voucher. Competition guidelines and rules available here.

If you have received a sample, I’d love to know what you think of the new products!

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Garnier – Olia Hair Colour

I was also lucky enough to be on the Olia trial team and received the PR box for this product which was a huge glossy package which deconstructed what it would be like on a shelf. Right off the bat, it was impressive! (See video for more on that)

The colouring system itself is very similar to any other home colour – add the colour to the developer creme, shake and apply. The little twists that I liked was the hole in the box to hold the bottle to stop spilling and the applicator bottle itself has a really long nozzle so you can get right in to the roots.

No ammonia removes the horrid normal colouring smell with a lot of the others. It’s ultra nourishing and there is no tingling or itching while it’s being applied and it sticks without drips, so I could keep doing things while it was colouring.

I may have chosen the wrong colour (Golden Brown) as it didn’t seem to change as the bottle suggested. No-one has noticed the colour of my hair, although I have had a lot of comments on the condition of my hair so in that way it’s a win. I think that I’ll chose two or three shades lighter next time and hope to see a real difference.

In the end, I have had more vibrant colour, but I’ve never had such a conditioning result from a home hair colouring system. It’s easy to use, beautifully packaged and very clean to apply. Choose the right colour and you’ll be glad you did!

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kevin.murphy – born.again hair treatment

Hair treatments. I have them in abundance. I wonder what the word is for a grouping of hair treatments – a flange of hair treatments? (no, it’s not a word, don’t urban dictionary it). A congress of treatments? Congress needs treatment, that’s for sure, and don’t even get me started on how many of our politicians need a good hair cut. And healthy food. And decent social policy…. but I digress.

So I have a bunch of hair treatments and I can’t review them too often because

  1. any more treatments in my thin excuse for hair and it may slide off my head
  2. once I open one, I kind of have to use it till it’s gone, otherwise I end up with six million tiny bottles in my tiny shower and my husband goes mental
  3. If I use too many in a short time frame, I can’t work out whether a specific treatment works or if it’s just working off the last one.

But once a week I put a treatment in (twice if I’ve been swimming or it’s been hot and my hair feels disgusting and oily) on a Sunday after I put my daughter to bed or while my husband does it, then let it dry mostly naturally and then blow dry / style it for the next few days at work. I don’t tend to wash my hair more than a couple times per week. Partially I’m too lazy and / or busy, but also because I’m not a very patient hair person so styling via blow drying more than twice a week drives me batty. I’m lucky I don’t thrash about when I sleep, otherwise mornings would be more challenging visually than they need to be!

Which puts me on another tangent – there has to be a better way of styling hair than a blow dryer without spending a fortune on a damn gadget bound to burn my head. I’ve tried straighteners, but they keep busting (I use the GHD at my gym which is awesome buy can’t bring myself to fork out a couple hundred for one tool in the arsenal) or burning my head – I’ve looked at the InStyler, but for every good review, there seems to be a bad one and rollers just aren’t going to cut the mustard. I end up looking like a poodle. A poodle who isn’t groomed.

I’ll come back to the point. The hair treatment.

Just like face masks, hair treatments for me all work pretty well. This particular one thankfully did not deliver on it’s named purpose – I wasn’t born again because as a baby I was bald for a couple years – I still get chills looking at the photos – but it did feel like it nourished my hair and made it as easy as it can get for styling. I’ve also just cut my hair up to chin length, so there was less to style which may have helped the light feeling.

What I didn’t like about this particular hair treatment was that it stank like I was having a perm. (actually, I haven’t had one since 1989 so I don’t know if the smell has changed at all) So much so that I didn’t leave it on for the recommended length of time, I took it off after only a few minutes. But the results were really good, I would imagine if I could have withstood it for more time, then it would have blown my mind!

Being a sample, I have the luxury of trying without buying but this one won’t convert in to a buy from me – a lot of others leave my hair feeling and smelling great so I don’t see the need to forego smelling like a day spa, however briefly…

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