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September Hauls

I’ve had a great month with regard to hauls – firstly because I changed jobs, but also because I’ve gotten a few products for review which is always a thrill when going to the mailbox.

Early September

In my final week at my “old” job, I took a lunchtime to spoil myself and decided to do that at Daiso. In case you aren’t aware, Daiso is a huge store which stocks Japanese made products (beauty, food, home wares, toys, stationery) and every single item in the store costs $2.80. It’s the most amazing place to stock up for a party, grab something small for the house or really get bang for your buck on gifts. This time I was a bit pressed for time so didn’t do every aisle, but I managed to pop in my basket…

Border Tape x 2 – rolls of patterned, coloured paper that can be used to create a scene or put a border on cards. My daughter uses it for craft.

New glasses – I don’t wear glasses with prescription, but I do have a growing collection of plain glass glasses to give me some cred. It’s a little bit odd, but I do love wearing them for meetings. It gives my hands something to do and frames my vision which makes me focus on what is before me.

Engrish Notes x 2 – Daiso have a huge collection of little note cards with hysterical translations of what I am sure are heartfelt messages. I use them as gift cards and my daughter loves giving notes to her friends on them too – much cheaper than a $1 gift tag or a $6-7 regular card each time.

Mini breakfast tray – My daughter has taken to having food “brought” to her either while playing at her table, on the couch or even in bed if we are having an especially decadent morning. The tray we currently have is adult sized and unweildy, so this smaller (pink) version gives her one all her own!

Floral Wrapping Paper – You can’t go past these gorgeous designs and even though you don’t get a lot of paper, I use this for crafts and smaller gifts. Such gorgeous colours.

Not from Daiso!

“The In Between” by Jeff Goins – a follow up to his successful “Wrecked”. I got on to Jeff Goins after hearing him speak in the TeD Radio Hour podcast and realising that the library didn’t stock his catalogue. This one is from bookdepository.co.uk (the best online book retailer hands down)

Fancy Sunglasses – My husband was in the market for new glasses and we found a great site that had the frames he was quoted $540 in the Optometrist (not including lenses), for $220 which included the lenses and they give a free pair of glasses to an impoverished person. Score! So of course I had to get myself some sunglasses to celebrate! These are Tory Birch and come with a cleaning kit and a gorgeous cover which just so happens to match my purse perfectly!

On my final day at my “old” job I was also treated twice to lunches – once at the new fancy China Bar and the other to dim sum. Yes – asian food is my kryptonite, I can’t help it. So aside from that, the lovely girls there spoiled me with parting gifts from Kikki K and Aesop.

Kikki K Red Leather Notepad compendium with matching pen, bulldog clips and notepad cube – which has become completely invaluable in jotting down my notes for my new job.

(not shown) Kikki K 2014 Desk Calendar – so that I can keep up to date with the important things, like lunches to catch up with what’s going on.

Aesop JetSet pack – Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Balm. This was the only set I took on holiday with me and I smelled and felt amazing – Aesop really know hoe to do products well.

And when I got home on my final day, I had waiting for me my L’Oreal pack which included a bunch of samples and some full sized product to review, as well as the book “Longbourn” which I won by writing a short story about Pride & Prejudice for Random House.

So my first week of September which was also my last week at my old job was pretty good haul-wise, wouldn’t you say?

Mid September

After Queensland, I came home to a couple of lovely packages (I won’t bore you with what I bought in Queensland – suffice to say I overloaded on summer clothes and a new azure coloured handbag for work) from Beauty Heaven and my Lip Factory September Box!

Neutrogena Beach Defence Sunscreen- a product to review for Beauty Heaven once there is sun (could have used it in Queensland!).

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi – another review product from Beauty Heaven which my husband actually opened and he and my daughter played with before I got a look in to it! It’s essentially a rotating sandpaper for dead skin on the feet which I think of as the beauty worlds answer to a Dremel (man tool for sanding small areas among other things). Double thumbs up for this one, my feet are thanking me!

Lip factory Box – a pretty good month for Lip factory with the theme “Define Your Beauty”. Received two LA Fresh waterproof makeup remover wipes, a pencil sharpener which fits the big and small pencils, a bombshell lustre lip gloss in a copper colour (goes on sticky but covers beautifully), a Bombshell liquid eyeliner in Amethyst which I tried on my hand and it stayed there without budging for two days!, a Model Co neutral lip gloss which is extra glossy and has a mirror built in for application, a Big Eye pencil in dark brown which is creamy and so easy to work with and finally, 50 sheets of Green Tea blotting paper from Absolute. Totally worth the investment every month.

So that should keep me busy for a while!

And a reminder, if you haven’t entered my competition for a $50 Priceline voucher yet, there is still a week to go! See here for details.

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Little Things?

The little things don’t feel little anymore. I’ve managed to catch a “little” cold, something that 15 years ago I could have willed away through stubbornness. It’s been three days now and it feels like it is settling in for a long vacation in my muscles. It got me to thinking what else is showing my age.

Getting up from the floor – having toddler around means there is a constant up and down of playing on the floor to climbing on the kitchen bench or up to the top bunk, then down again, possibly within the same five minutes. I’ve noticed that I try and talk her in to staying at the same altitude just so that I don’t have to figure out how to get up again. I can’t get up without the aid of something (even if it’s just the floor) whereas I used to be able to get up without using my hands at all, just push up through my feet (I totally remember doing this because it was a big thing in my group of friends and yes, I realise this meant we needed to find something else to occupy our time)

On a related note – I’ve got to lose weight.

Going Out at Night Doesn’t Even Sound Good in Theory Any More – It used to be that making plans and organising nights to catch up or party were awesome, even if the biggest of crazy nights never quite lived up to the hype, we still did it all. Now the thought of the planning stage terrifies and defeats me. How did I used to do it? My nights began at 11pm whereas now, that counts as a crazy late night if I’m not  falling asleep on the couch and drooling on my arm. Just knowing that I have dinner plans makes me automatically think of excuses of why I have to leave early – I hope this phase ends soon

On a related note – kids are the best excuse ever.

I don’t own clothes I can’t wear to work except “lounge” attire – I have a pretty decent work wardrobe – I’ve curated a few cute dresses that can be worn in hot or cold weather with a few changes in cardigans, jackets, stockings and shoes and I’m rocking the block colour. But when I go shopping for anything that isn’t work clothing, I end up buying yoga pants and soft cotton t-shirts. I bought a pair of jeans after my husband forced me because I didn’t want to go jeans shopping but which are now considered “dressy” non-work attire. An time I now go out at night with friends, I wear work clothes because I don’t have a choice. I keep forgetting that I have a life outside work, sleep and being a mother. Lucky my friends are forgiving!

On a related note – must buy more support undergarments

I’m totally buying in to the anti-aging propaganda – Now, I’m not one who honestly thinks that a few slaps of expensive cream will make me look ten again, but there are certain products that  am convinced make me look better – Alpha-H for one, anything L’Occitane for two and mascara – oh mascara, you are always there for me to make me look wake and together with myself. I’m subscribed to a bunch of boxes to see if there are products worth investing in, but so far I just seem to think 90% of them are all the same – a moisturiser is a moisturiser is a moisturiser, it just depends on it’s emulsification level as to how it feels immediately and in the short term.

So things that got no thought at all for my first 35 years of life are all of a sudden becoming issues. I hope there’s no further decline, but of course, I do know how unlikely that is.

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Beauty Heaven


I’ve just managed to go up one rung on beautyheaven.com.au from beauty lover to beauty fanatic. It took some doing – 10 reviews of beauty products, 10 posts, a bunch of details, some friend referrals, some comments, some “likes”, some “loves”… but I did it in 10 days (don’t tell work!). Only now, I need another 350 points to get all the way to where I can swap points for products and get in on all the cool trials.

I think I may have gone a little sample / product crazy of late – I’ve subscribed to two monthly beauty boxes – lusthaveit.com.au and bellabox.com.au and I’m on pinchme.com.au for all of their samples, as well as sending off for anything that comes past me. It’s not just the idea of a freebie that is all it is (although I have to admit it is certainly alluring), but I do want to get a good idea of what I should be using now that my skin is getting a little more “mature”. I want to update skincare, make up, hair care, I want to know how to do a face that doesn’t half rub off by the afternoon, how to choose style (and hairdresser) that can deal with my crazy excuse for hair, nails that are strong and beautiful plus I want to figure out whether all of this is even fiscally viable.

And all of this while working full time  and being at the gym a couple of lunchtimes per week, looking after a three year old at home  and running around after a husband who is away a couple of nights a week and works crazy hours. Add to this a salary negotiation, a project that’s barely holding it together and a schedule that has me up at 530 each morning and you can see why having samples sent to me to try and fit in with my life is easier than trying to get to department stores to try things out. This way, I can fit a facial mask in with reading a story to my daughter, try a cleanser while making coffee or testing new makeup in my post gym touch up. Work for me!

To get back to the original point – Beauty Heaven helps me put it all together in my mind – what kind of products to be used when, how, how much, whether they are worth the money, and there’s such a great community of people who are willing to answer most of my inane questions. Plus in doing that, I get points for more samples- how good is that!!

How about you – are you as product crazy as me at the moment?

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