The Fine Print

The Sage Advice

Any opinion held or advice given is always general in nature and is provided solely from my experience. I will not be held accountable or responsible for any misuse of product or product reaction arising from the use of products reviewed or any problems coming from advice given. That being said – please note that I have a tendency to be sarcastic and while I sorely wish there was a font for this use so it could be obvious, sometimes it’s not obvious, but read it out loud and it might be more so.

The Products

A lot of the products which I review are provided to me for my consideration from the companies themselves, intermediary sites or PR firms. This makes it cost effective to run a blog of this nature and in some cases I receive additional monetary or product enticement at the completion of a set of blog posts. At no time will I promise a favourable review and all opinions of these products are my own – I ensure products are provided to me with this understanding.

It doesn’t mean everything is given to me free, I buy a lot of stuff for myself (as my husband will attest) and for my family and review that too – it’s just not usually anything overly interesting or “new” to the beauty world but if I have something to say about it, I’ll definitely put it here.

The Competitions

Competitions which are run by a random winning schema, such as Rafflecopter or when I say “comment and I’ll randomly choose a winner”, this means that it’s random and the winner is chosen by the hosting program itself or by Not by me.

Those that are skills based, such as 25 words or less competitions or “best comment wins” type arrangements are solely based on how impressed I am with the skill you display. If you want a hint, I don’t really like answers that emotionally blackmail and if I ask why you want something, please don’t use the word need – it’s just my grammar nerd appearing, but hey, it’s my site and my rules!

If you do win one of my competitions, I will post your name and (for skills based competitions) your winning prose on a post – your entry in to my competitions acknowledges that this may happen. I contact you with the contact information provided to me during competition entry and I’ll give you a day to respond – two or three if I’m busy, but definitely minimum 24 hours. After this time, if I haven’t heard from you then I redraw and someone else wins. I take no responsibility for an email ending up in the Spam folder or you being away or unable to access emails /Facebook inbox.

If you do win (yay you!) and write me back with postal details, I pass this information (and this information only) to the sponsor of the prize or use it for mailing the prize myself. I don’t use the information for anything else and unless I mention specifically in the competition rules, neither do the companies I work with. That being said – Facebook rules are always changing with what they track and the information they hold and sell so you may also want to check with them for any competition held on Facebook.

Sometimes the person winning is known to me and that’s okay.  I know people, those people read my blog and they enter my competitions – they have as much chance of winning as anyone else.

The Comments

If you have any questions about what I write or you want to clarify or say hey, then please contact me by commenting on the post or emailing me at redsage at me dot com. If you have a thought about a product I review or an opinion I have, I’d love to hear it.

I do moderate comments which is why you may not see your comment appear immediately and I do not allow spam, trolling or comments I consider unnecessarily negative or that are incendiary in nature. As a clue – I am a tolerant person and believe everyone has a right to an opinion on things but doesn’t have a right to call another person stupid because their opinions don’t match. People are different which is why I love people. If we were all the same, how would we learn anything?


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